Workplace safety

PUWER regulations: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that there were 65,427 specified injuries to employees reported in 2019-20? According to an estimate by the Labour Force Survey, there were 168,000 self-reported injuries in the workplace for not following the PUWER regulations, causing an absence from work of over seven days. And approximately 36% of the fatal injuries happen at construction work, among which 11% …

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Electrical Consumer Units in the UK: Everything You Need to Know

Ever wondered at the fancy switchboard underneath the stairs or in the garage of your house? Do you know what purposes it serves? Well, I am talking about electrical consumer units which have the old-fashioned common name “the fuse-box”. Most of the people aren’t familiarized with the actual name, though they can recognize an electrical consumer unit at first sight. …

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Asbestos Awareness: 7 Asbestos Facts You Need to Know

Asbestos is one of the top ten natural killing agents in the world. There are 125 million people in the world currently exposed to asbestos-related products. In 2004, asbestos caused 107,000 deaths . The UK has flagged ‘Asbestos facts’ as the highest workplace killer. These seven asbestos facts will help you get an understanding of the key facts about asbestos.   …

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Why is Asbestos Awareness So Important?

Asbestos isn’t a new thing. It has quite a long history. People have been using asbestos in construction work since the beginning of industrialisation. As asbestos was being used rapidly in construction works, the complications and health issues regarding asbestos exposure were discovered eventually. And we came to know how asbestos is dangerous to our health with the potential of …

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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher? Advice for an Emergency Situation

Within 20 to 30 seconds, a fire could be out of control in front of you. Fire can spread, doubling up its size in seconds and not give you much time to escape. The quick fire-filled area contains heat and thick toxic smoke. In an instantaneous situation, you have to confront a fire with the right fire extinguisher for the …

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Safety Basics of Manual Handling for Staying Safe at Workplace

Manual handling injuries are very common in many professions. Employers lose thousands of working hours and incur a heavy loss due to workplace injuries and illnesses. Do you know that you have responsibilities as an employer or employee regarding manual handling safety at your workplace? Yes, we covered manual handling safety basics in this blog and added downloadable resources. In …

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Comprehensive Fire Safety Guidelines for Everyone

Have you ever wondered why fire drills take place in your office or school? It’s because of the fire safety regulations in the UK. The employers need to ensure the safety of the employees in the business premises. However, fire safety precautions are mandatory for all. In this article, we tried to compile comprehensive fire safety guidelines for everyone. If …

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Asbestos Awareness: Things You Should Know to Stay Safe

Ever heard of asbestosis or mesothelioma? Asbestos is a serious threat to many people who are involved in the maintenance and repairing jobs of old buildings. Although asbestos exposure does not have an immediate impact on your health, asbestos fibres can lead to fatal medical complications. In this article, you can start your journey of asbestos awareness. Also, you will …

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Work Safely in Confined Spaces : Things You Need to Know to

Planning to work in confined spaces? What type of risks do you have in your job? In this article, we included the possible hazards of working in a confined place, the regulations, the risk assessment process, and some precautionary measures for preventing accidents in a confined space. Take training on workplace safety in confined spaces In this article … What …

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Workplace Safety Tips You Must Know to Stay Safe

Every workplace possesses various potential risks. Even the safest one too. Accidents may come from anywhere that you never imagined. It’s all about uncertainty. Everyone wants to stay safe and avoid any kind of accidents in the workplace. Since health and safety is a basic human right, there’s a lot of legislation regarding this to ensure health and safety at …

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