Basic Personal Hygiene Habits To Practice In Daily Life

Believe it or not, your surroundings are covered with millions of germs, viruses, and parasites. Your body can be a living and breeding space for these microbes to grow and multiply. Did you know, microbial diseases kill over 17 million people every year? And around 50,000 are dying every day from infectious diseases? Some simple conscious hacks and a little change of basic personal hygiene habits to practice in your daily life can bring amazing changes to your family.  Yet, some simple conscious hacks and a little change of basic personal hygiene habits in daily life can prevent all that!

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What is personal hygiene?

Personal hygiene is all about managing your body hygiene, essentially caring for your well being incorporating some physical hygiene habits. Also, there are mental health benefits as well, as they affect each other immensely.

What is bad personal hygiene?

Those little unconscious acts like picking your nose or ear with your finger, or habitual ones like not brushing your teeth properly, these are all bad personal hygiene. Along these, there are those activities we do consciously just because we feel lazy or don’t feel the value in it, like not taking a shower every day or not believing frequent hand washing.

The following common symptoms will tell you if there is an issue with your personal hygiene.

Cold Fever
Food Poisoning
Skin infections
Hookworm infection
Hepatitis A
Urinary Infections
Tooth decay

What are good personal hygiene habits?

Good personal hygiene includes but not limited to-

These habits should be practiced on a regular basis, at home, at work, basically where you are! That’s the whole idea of preventing your body system collapse over a tiny microbe!

Personal Hygiene Practices at Home

Your home should be the most comfortable and convenient for you to keep up your personal hygiene level to a standard, yet, we find ourselves procrastinating over hygiene issues when we are at home. Even though some of these tasks barely take a minute. 

1. Take Regular shower

Do not wait up to feel the dried sweat in your body to feel the urge to take shower, make it a routine, you have the choice to either take them before you head to work or after the long day or even before you head to sleep, whichever one suits your routine. Make sure to rinse your body thoroughly, especially the genitals and underarms as they produce more sweat and are more prone to fungal activities.

2. Wash your hands frequently

It is our hands that we use to do our most physical acts, from picking up the keys, browsing through our phones to attending our pets. While we acknowledge the importance of washing hands before eating and after visiting the toilet, it is also important to wash our hands with soap or sanitizer every now and then. 

hand washing steps

3.Maintain oral hygiene practices

Caring for your teeth and gum is important, not only to prevent decay related issues but also as they affect neurologically some other sensual organs, they shouldn’t be taken in a light manner. Just brushing them twice a day is not enough, make sure you are using fluoride toothpaste and brushing properly

Also, you should floss after eating, as this practice will remove plaque, bacterial, and debris that was trapped between teeth which your toothbrush cannot reach. It is a great way to prevent bad breath too. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to your dentist in slightest discomfort.

how to brush your teeth

4. Trim your nails and wash your hairs

Your nails and hair store dirt and grease. None not to mention the microbes could be in there stuck and spreading. Bad nail hygiene can cause severe food poisoning since you would be preparing or eating your food with your hands. Trim the nails every once they are inappropriately long and wash your hairs at least twice a week to keep them healthy.

5. Clean your nose and ears

Every time you are outside, you are most likely to breathe in some pollutants, and most of the particles are bound to be stuck in your nasal hair. You should rinse your nose and ear with warm water upon return. Especially if you have any specific allergies. 

6. Wear fresh and warm clothes

Try to change into some warm and dry clothes, you’ll feel the mental effect immediately as they will boost your mind. Also, regular washing with right detergent matters since like your body, your clothes can be contaminated with germs or microbes, especially if they have been used for several days.

7. Food hygiene is important too

You can get severely sick from food-borne diseases, as most of your foods are raw, purchased from outside, they risk being cross-contaminated with harmful microbes. 

Food hygiene is basically the idea of better storage, handling, and preparation of food to prevent contamination causing food poisoning. Here are a few points to note while handling food:

Food Hygiene Level 1 and 2
This Course to provide professionals who handle and prepare food with an in-depth understanding of the laws.
Food Hygiene Level 1 and 2
This Course to provide professionals who handle and prepare food with an in-depth understanding of the laws.

Personal Hygiene Practices for Kids

Let’s face it, kids are kids, and you can’t expect them to preside over some “hygiene” issues and it’s a never ending battle. Yet, they are more vulnerable to suffer due to bad hygiene practice.

These above-discussed practices are not only for adults to incorporate in their life. So, it is your duty to make them understand the importance of good personal hygiene. At the same time, try to instill better self-awareness in them. You can practice hygiene habits yourself, like brushing twice a day, bathing regularly, and washing hands after using the toilet and before eating and they follow. 

By laying out ground rules early and making sure your kids follow them, you’ll start seeing them take care of their hygiene issues.

Maintaining Workplace Hygiene

Like your home and body, your workplace can provide access for parasites and germs to get to you. But here you come into contact with many people every day, and there is always a bigger risk of being contaminated through them. 

You can’t change yourself into a hygiene freak in one day and we’re not asking you to be. It’s about taking these conscious steps to make your personal hygiene better or help your kid develop better habits. You can start by setting reminders, signs or cues to do a certain activity, do it for a week or two and you will get accustomed to it.

Personal Hygiene Course
This Course includes hygiene guidelines for children, as well as personal hygiene best practice for men and women.
October 25, 2023
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