first aid

First Aid and Paediatric First Aid During Epidemics and Pandemics

Apr 1,20by 0Aabcx

The healthcare systems can go under immense pressure due to the gigantic number of epidemic and pandemic patients at any point of time. Besides, people are forced to stay home to prevent the rapid transmission of epidemic and pandemic diseases. How does first aid matter in such a tense condition?Let’s explore the significance of basic first aid or paediatric first …

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Basic First Aid Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Accidents can happen anytime. Every year, thousands of people get seriously injured in the UK. Some of the incidents claim lives. Whether it’s a little scratch or life-threatening injury, basic first aid tips will prove useful for us. Different types of accidents and hazards can happen in our day to day life. Everyone should learn some basic first aid techniques that can save lives in cases of emergencies.

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