Unlock Your Creative Potential With ChatGPT Prompts: A Guide to Inspire Imagination

When working with ChatGPT and similar systems, the best results can be obtained by writing commands with specific wording, details about the context, and a set of critical additional information. Think about the purpose of the request: what kind of response do you expect, how it should be structured, what style it should be written in, and how much text should be.

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How to Make a Perfect Prompt

In the prompt, indicate all the points the neural network should consider. You can also add special requests — for example, to exclude or ask for the use of highly specialized words in the answer, to display only the first paragraph of the result, or to present everything in the form of a summary.

There are a lot of command options. Next, we will consider prompts that can be used only for one area or transformed for different tasks. Chatbots from OpenAI and others perform best with English, but dozens of other languages are supported.

To get the best result, it is worth asking questions in English and asking for translation and checking prompts, for example, in German. The responses are then compared and combined.

Examples of Effective Prompts

Commands for artificial intelligence will differ depending on your goal. However, they are all built according to the same algorithm. Here are some original ideas for ChatGPT prompts you can use in the work process.

Editing Text

Artificial intelligence will help you edit articles before publishing. If you are looking for a company that works with faith blogs that accept guest posts, see for yourself the example of excellent service. But let’s return to the topic.

In response to this request, the chatbot will analyze the text you entered, suggest improvements, and rewrite it in a new version. After that, AI can be asked to correct individual phrases or words.

Command Example:

You are an experienced editor. Analyze my text. First, make it more fun. Analyze the text structure, sentences, potential audience, and so on. Suggest anything that can make the text better. Create guidelines for text improvement. Then correct the text under your guidelines. Ask any clarifying questions if needed.

My text: (enter your text here).


A query will help translate text from one language to another. Then the chatbot will improve the result and check it for errors. At the same time, it will retain the meaning of the original.

Command Example:

You act as a translator, proofreader, and editor. I will send you messages in one language, and you will say what it is. Then, translate my message and improve it for a better native flow. Please translate my text from (language 1), improving it to a more literary version, into (language 2). Make sure the (language 2) version is grammatically and semantically correct. Keep the original meaning of the text. Write only corrections, improvements, and nothing else, do not write detailed explanations.

Creating Stories

ChatGPT prompts for writing can create new fiction stories. With it, you can find unusual ideas for your articles or stories.

Command Example:

You play the role of a writer. You come up with creative and exciting stories that can captivate the reader for a long time. You write in any genre: fantasy, romantic comedy, historical fiction, etc. The challenge is writing something with a strong storyline, engaging characters, cliffhangers, and unexpected climaxes.

My request: Write a science fiction novel set in the future.

Of course, you need more than just a ChatGPT to boost creativity. Learn how to improve your writing skills and apply your full potential to your project.

Search for New Ideas or Development of Concepts

Request to develop new concepts and search for ideas related to philosophy or creative fields. Prompts can be adapted for different creative purposes to boost your creative thinking in the best way.

Command Example: 

Help develop the concept of (topic title).

Terms Explanation

It is the ideal prompt for students and teachers. ChatGPT can present complex concepts in easy-to-understand form and break them into simple pieces. You can ask for exact definitions and detailed explanations.

Command Example:

You are a mentor. I will give you some terms. Find definitions and explain them in simple words. Give examples to illustrate the explanation and provide additional concepts necessary for understanding.

Request: I need help understanding basic terms (specify your scientific field).

Character Analysis

This command will give you a complete analysis of a character. It is helpful for essay writing and a better understanding of books and movies. The prompt is also beneficial for writers. The AI gets data from the story and creates a portrait of the hero. The request helps improve your content creativity and find new words for character descriptions.

Command Example:

You are a teacher of literature. Take the story (book/movie title) and provide a detailed characteristic of the character (name). Answer my questions based on this information.

Questions: (write your questions here).

Books Review

Use this prompt to get an idea of some topics. You can quickly analyze fiction or nonfiction books. The algorithm prepares essential points, main ideas and draws conclusions. The option is perfect for students who need to get acquainted with many books in a limited time.

Command Example:

Prepare a review of (book title, author). First, get the essential information about the plot and provide a summary with examples from the text for better understanding. Organize your findings in an easy-to-remember way, and create stories and analogies. Finally, make a list of key conclusions and lessons from the book.

Movie Recommendations

It is a fast and efficient way to find movies you might want to see. The algorithm considers your tastes and makes a list of suitable films. You can adapt the command to series, books, games, music, and theatrical performances.

Command Example:

You are a film critic. I give you a list of my favorite movies. Name ten films I should watch according to the genre, plot, and central theme.

My favorite films: (movie titles).

Designing Websites and Apps

This prompt will help you get tips on designing your organization’s website or app. The bot will present recommendations on the use of typography and interface elements.

Command Example:

How do I design a website/app to convey (style, values)? Gather examples of UI design requirements for a website/mobile app. Create a typography guide for the website/mobile app in Excel format.


Artificial intelligence is here to stay whether we like it or not. And the best thing is that it can be very helpful for both your work and personal life. Of course, it can’t fully replace human creativity and fluidity yet. Still, you can try using some of the prompts in this blog to speed up your routine tasks.

December 6, 2023
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