Top 10 Supervisory Skills of a Good Supervisor

Let’s talk about your role in your workplace. You might be in a managing role where you have to direct and lead a team and bring together different parts of your organization in a harmony- taking the leadership role. You can be said a supervisor in your workplace who is responsible for the works of others around you. Have you ever struggled up while leading a team? Have you faced difficulties in taking the right decision and proper action? If so, then you might be lacking some supervision skills.

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What is supervision skill?

Supervision skills are those skills that are important for managing and supervising others and are necessary for effective leadership. Supervising means directing and guiding others in an efficient and productive way. Supervisors are responsible for this job. If you are a good supervisor, you can do your job more efficiently and gain the respect of the people around you. And, the supervision skills are essential for you to be a good supervisor. 

Supervision and leadership are interconnected matters. A good supervisor is always a good leader because he can understand the aspirations of the team members and educate them properly, thus, can lead them in a more effective way. Hence, developing supervision skills is very important for effective leadership. Supervision skill isn’t a single skill. It’s a combination of multiple soft skills. This article is about the top skills that a good supervisor possesses.

Top 10 Supervisory Skills of a Good Supervisor

1. Communication Skills

A good supervisor has excellent communication skills. He needs to interact with the staff regularly and assign them many tasks as well as guide them. So, he has to be a good communicator in order to pass the information clearly to the team members and make them understand what he wants them to do. Supervising is all about guiding and leading others to make the job done in your desired way. You need to have good communication skills in the first place to be a good supervisor.

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2. Conflict management

Conflict management skill is very important for a good supervisor. A workplace comprises of different people from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints. So, conflict may arise at any time within the team members. A good supervisor recognizes this and creates an effective way to minimize and deal with conflicts when it happens. Conflict management skills help a supervisor in this regard to know well how to resolve and manage conflicts and ensure a harmonious working environment.

3. Critical thinking

In the workplace, there can arise many situations where good critical thinking skill can help you a lot. A supervisor has to deal with different people and different responsibilities where he needs to do extensive brainstorming for proper decision making. More responsibilities come with higher positions and he has to ensure effective management of all of those. A good critical thinking capability makes the decision-making process easier for a supervisor.

4. Time management

Timing is one of the most important things for a business. A supervisor needs to do his own tasks simultaneously while supervising others. It can be a severe problem if a deadline is missed while juggling a lot of task at the same time. So, a supervisor always needs to be aware of deadlines. That’s why he should have a proper sense of timing to meet the deadlines.

Time management skill is important for a supervisor because it helps him structuring and arranging the schedule in a way so that he can accomplish the goals easily.

SMART goals for time management

5. Sense of priority

Sense of priority means priority management skills. Basically, priority management and time management are both interconnected. Every good supervisor has the skill of priority management. As a supervisor, you need to do a lot of tasks at your workplace. Each task doesn’t have the same level of urgency. Some may be very urgent to do while some may not be that urgent. So, you should have a sense of priority to decide which task you should prioritise and do first. This will help you to prevent procrastination at your workplace and improve your efficiency.

6. Sense of diversity

Business runs through a diverse condition daily and now every workplace possesses a diversity of work. Diversity is important for modern businesses to always stand out from the crowd. Diversity of products give an extra edge to the business to outrun the competitors in the market. Hence, employees need to go through a diverse working condition every day. Therefore, the supervisor needs to have a good sense of diversity to guide the teammates properly and effectively.

7. Problem-solving

Various problems may arise in the workplace. The supervisors have to use their skills to handle the problems properly. Problem-solving skills help the supervisors in this regard. Problem-solving skills help to understand and assess the situations and develop an effective plan to tackle those. Every good supervisor has inherent problem-solving skills.

8. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills can be considered as another form of communication skills. A supervisor needs to bring together different parts of the organization at a common point. So, he has to develop and maintain a good relationship with others in the workplace. That’s why he should have a good interpersonal skill to make effective interaction with others. You need to nurture a strong interpersonal skill in yourself if you want to be a good supervisor.

9. Good mentorship

A good supervisor is always a good mentor. He always coaches his team members and thrives for extracting the best output from them. As a supervisor, you have to take the responsibilities of the performance of your teammates. So, it is important for you to understand their potential and act accordingly to push them to achieve their best. Hence, mentoring skill is very important for being a good supervisor.

Good mentoring skills help you to convey your thoughts to them which ensures more efficient guidance and make them able to understand your guidelines precisely and interpret these in their works. Thus, your mentoring skills lead your teammates to perform better. 

10. Willingness to learn

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Nobody is absolutely perfect in their way and you should admit it. You should thrive for perfection always. And, without admitting your lackings and developing accordingly, you can’t chase perfection. A good supervisor is aware of this and he always embraces the opportunity to learn. Continuous learning process pushes you forward to perfection. So, you should have the willingness to learn for being a good supervisor.
You have learned about the top skills that a good supervisor has. If your role is managing and supervising others, you should develop these skills in yourself. You might be wondering how you can develop these supervision skills. We’ve come up with an online course for you that could help you in developing good supervision skills. Don’t hesitate to get enrolled today.
June 12, 2024
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