London Calling: Why a Virtual Address is Your New Business Card

There is an old saying: Although only virtue enters the door, beauty opens the door. The logic of the proverb still makes sense. In the modern business world, you need a nice postal address to attract clients and partners and get new chances to grow the business. But what if you do business from home or another country? While your real location in the garage might not look very good for business, how can you create a strong first impression of a promising and reliable company without spending a fortune renting a real office in London? The answer is obvious: use the virtual address service. This is an effective way to get a postal address in any city in the world, in our case — in one of the most successful cities, without moving there — London. The virtual business address in London allows you to:
  • Register a company in the UK to receive official correspondence and conduct business correspondence from the centre of the Great Britain capital.
  • Publish your company’s London address on websites, business cards and promotional materials.
  • Receiving mail and parcels from your clients and partners in your London office.
  • Use the services of a virtual office like a secretary, who will answer calls and emails on behalf of your company.
  • Rent a meeting room or workspace by the hour so you can be physically present in London.

Digital transformation of business identity

Let’s move to the point. Suppose you are a promising young entrepreneur starting a business from an old garage. Now your smart product is ready — an eco-friendly item like a solar-powered charger or sustainable living app that helps reduce environmental impact — but at the next stage, you must declare yourself convincingly to potential clients and partners. Digital transformation will help you achieve your goal. This means that although physically you are looking for your chance in a garage, from a marketing point of view, you must become a resident of the 6th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE — this is exactly the digital location that The Hoxton Mix offers. Today, more than 60% of companies in the UK have a virtual address in London.

Why London?

The city attracts the interest of companies worldwide due to its status as a global financial centre. There it is easier to find new partners, win the trust and gain access to a pool of talented specialists. For freelancers, consultants and international companies, an office in London can be a decisive step towards success. This location is beneficial for marketing, increases prestige and opens up development opportunities. So, if you want to start or expand your business and strengthen your image, a virtual business location in London is the right choice.  Help: The most common businesses that use virtual addresses are finance, technology, jurisprudence, consulting and media. Consumer Affairs compares virtual destination companies and mentions that technology has enabled various businesses, including startups, to operate without a physical location.

Your address speaks

Remember how you feel when you see a car with a special licence plate. Or when you hear the famous names of your clients’ partners — this is admiration because they are part of the elite. Your business address influences what clients think about your business offering. Therefore, you should use a virtual address to show consumers of your product or service that your company is professional and modern. You can also show them you are global and follow the latest trends, such as using new technologies and smarter business methods. Since your virtual address is not just a place to receive mail but also a powerful marketing and branding tool, use it to make your company appear different, high-tech, and professional, states Market Watch.

3 Myths about virtual offices

  1. The most common myth is that virtual addresses are not real spaces. They say it creates the impression of instability and short-term duration. This objection is most shared by novice businessmen who fear their partners’ negative reactions as a counter-argument — the experience of such companies as InVision, Working Solutions, Buffer, and Firefox, which have virtual offices around the world. These companies use virtual destinations as a smart way to do business today: save money, respond quickly to changes, and look respectable in front of partners.
  2. Another myth is that virtual residences do not create the impression of reliability on clients. But this is not true. Virtual residences provide prestigious addresses in well-known business districts, which should attract the attention of clients and partners. To help you create an immersive presence, virtual office service offers access to meeting rooms for client meetings, allowing face-to-face meetings to be held in a professional setting as required by the parties — reinforcing a professional image. The trust sums up the strategy gained through the satisfaction and expectation of customers — by the high quality of your services or products provided.
  3. And finally, a virtual address is complex and unclear. This is categorically a mistake. As virtual locations operate as a single unit and have a physical mailing address but do not exist in one specific location, service providers offer a full package of virtual office services, including video conferencing, telephone call and mail processing, legal address registration and bank account opening. All of this is done by the party providing the virtual office service and, therefore, is simple for the user. Here is how a virtual address is described in verbs:
  • Register
  • Handle
  • Open
  • Work
  • Benefit

The technical benefits 

Let’s talk about technical features. Virtual addresses are seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of any type of business, which implies several key aspects:
  1. Synchronisation of business systems, such as CRM, ERP or order management systems, resulting in the formation of a single information space.
  2. Process automation is mail and documentation-related processes that can be automated to speed up work and reduce the likelihood of errors.
  3. Data management allows you to centrally collect, store and analyse data related to mailings and customer/partner communications.
  4. Process scalability helps companies quickly adapt to market changes, for example, to expand into new regions without the need to expand office space physically.
Virtual business addresses are great for modern entrepreneurs, especially startups, self-employed workers, and companies seeking to expand their presence from prestigious cities towards promising markets in developing countries. These offices help companies work better and faster. Welcome to the era of modern technology, this is where you can do things online.


A virtual address is a real business card of your business. The included online office service allows you to expand the market, improve your image and gain an advantage in the competition. Last but not least, it is important that a virtual address in one of the business centres of the world — it’s London — provides an opportunity, in addition to saving time and money, to make yourself visible. Don’t miss the break to order your virtual address in London today! All factors in favour of a virtual address point to one conclusion: virtual destinations are the future expansion of your business today. Take your professionalism and efficiency to the next level. Since The Hoxton Mix has proven itself convincingly, consider their affordable prices and the location of their digital offices — in the dynamic tech-hub heart of London. Lead modern.
February 12, 2024
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