How Long Does First Aid Training Last?

First aid refers to emergency care given to an injured person immediately. In some severe cases, first aid is necessary to keep the victim alive. So, first aid training is an essential skill to have. But how long does first aid training last? 

First aid is a beneficial skill required in many situations, ranging from minor injuries to critical, life-threatening events or sicknesses. That is why the Health & Safety Executive regulates it.

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How Long Does First Aid Training Last?

First Aid Training

Let’s start with how long does first aid training lasts. This question’s answer depending on the course you take. You will discover how to react correctly to burns, cuts, allergic reactions, and heart attacks for the most and fundamental part. 

This guided article gives you more knowledge on the different types of training and how long they last. Well, the question mentioned here does not always have a straightforward answer. However, after reading this guided article, you should have a clear idea.

Few Hours:

Action for Anaphylaxis– Three-hour Resuscitation Council Compliant Anaphylaxis course.

One Day:

Emergency Paediatric First Aid– One-day HSE Compliant course.

Two Days:

Three Days:

  • First Aid At Work- HSE Compliant course is three days long. It takes six to seven hours for each class.
  • First Aid Instructor Training- Principles and Practice First Aid Instructor course is three days long.

NB: If you are thinking about doing ‘First Aid Complete Course (Paediatric, Workplace, Sports, Mental Health)‘ from Training Express, it will take around 15 hours, including total unite and quiz duration. This one course contains four major premium courses-

Following such a course, you will get training on dealing with major emergencies, such as giving CPR and dealing with choking or bleeding.

Let’s discuss how long the first aid certificate lasts, now that you know how long does first aid training lasts.

Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance
Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance

How Long Does First Aid Certificate Last for?

first aid certificate

Only knowing how long does first aid training last is not enough to start in this profession. For beginners, obtaining a certificate is mandatory. In first aid, it gives you the ability and confidence to help and assist other people. And also, even animals when needed.

First aid is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of treatment. Nor its certificate’s rules and regulations. Different types of first aid certifications have various rules on expiry and renewal. 

For example, you can renew a paediatric first-aid certificate every three years. However, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certificate is only valid for a year. So you will need to renew it by taking a refresher course. 

So, how long does first aid certification take to complete? The answer is- the Basic First Aid, and CPR training certification lasts for three years. But below, we have mentioned details on other first aid courses as well. Check it out.

Types of First Aid Certification

There are four types of first aid certifications. They are-

  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support – ACLS first aid certification covers the latest CPR technique for people in the medical field. Also, including physicians, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR – Many people take CPR certification classes in person. However, you can earn this certificate through online courses as well. For example, you can take this Basic First Aid and CPR course from the comfort of your home.
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program – NRP certification is especially for healthcare specialists. NRP is for those who help with delivering babies. There are two options: first, self-paced online training, and second, in-person classes. In-person classes, generally taught by an expert instructor.
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support – PALS course certification is for medical staff and healthcare professionals who work with paediatric emergencies.

Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance
Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance

Certification Duration and Validity

Now, let’s know briefly about the duration and validity of the following certificates-

  • ACLS – Normally takes one day to complete. You’ll have to renew your certification every two years.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR – This will take roughly an hour to finish, and it will last for three years.
  • NRP – NRP certification takes no completion time since it’s a self-paced program. This certification will last for two years.
  • PALS – Most PALs certification courses take around two days. In about two years, you’ll have to renew your status.

Since 2013, all the First Aid certificates validation will last up to three years in the UK. Three years from the issuing date, which is usually the last date of your course.

How Long Does First Aid at Work Certificate Last for?

first aid at work

After knowing How long does first aid training last, now it’s time to find out what type of training you will need to attend. To find out, first, you need to consider the level of risk in your workplace. Then consider the possible risks that you and your colleagues face at work. Finally, you will have some idea of the kind of treatments you may be required to conduct. 

However, below we’ve mentioned two main types of first aid courses present for the workplace and how long their certificate lasts.

1. First Aid at Work (FAW)

The ‘First Aid at Work‘ course is training for the FAW qualification, and it happens for three days. FAW training certificates are valid for up to three years. It includes emergency first aid skills, illnesses (non-life threatening), injuries, and workplace health and safety regulations.

2. Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Emergency First Aid at Work‘ course has one session of 6 or 7 hours. It is a One-day course with theoretical and practical elements. EFAW training certificates are valid for three years. This training provides you with basic life-saving first aid skills. And also workplace health and safety regulations.

Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance
Emergency First Aid at Work
Accredited, Quality CPD Training & 24/7 Learning Assistance

So, how long does first aid training last for FAW and EFAW? First aid certificates validation remains for three years from the completion date of the course. After that, there is no longer an endowment for expiry maintenance.

For say, you attend your re-qualification course two weeks early. Then your new certificate will be dated from the last day of your re-qualification course, not your initial training.

You should arrange to re-qualify yourself before your certificate expires. Otherwise, you’ll not be considered enough to act ‘L.74 of The HSE’s Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981′.

Once your certificate has expired, you will no longer be considered a first aider. Not until you have completed a further course or re-qualification course.


first aid kit

And there you have it! So now you’ve got all the answers to how long first aid training lasts, along with other details on certification. 

To take the proper action that generates a positive outcome, having first aid training is crucial. Sometimes, mild injuries can instantly turn deadly. And an incident could become a fatality without someone around who knows what to do.

The most significant advantage of a first-aid certificate is you can apply it practically anywhere. You can use it at your home, in your professional world, or out in public. There’s always a necessity for a first aider to jump right in when someone has an injury or sudden illness.

Environments that include chemical processing, manufacturing, and construction are considered highly risky. So, having a certified first aider is more than essential in these workplaces. First aid training is also valuable for other professions like nursing home employees, daycare providers, babysitters, teachers, coaches, and school bus drivers.

Everyone can make a difference with a certification in first aid, and so do you. You can dramatically decrease permanent injuries or perhaps even saving someone’s life.

October 25, 2023
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