How to grow Popularity with your target audience

Whether you are sharing pictures of your adorable pet or are advertising a new product, there is a certain thrill when somebody likes your Instagram posts. While social media is ever-changing, the power of likes has remained constant.

Likes are an all-consuming metric. They let you know if people enjoy the content you post, they show other people there is value in the post, and they tell Instagram this post is worth sharing.

There are many ways you can get lots of likes on Instagram. If you have the budget, you can purchase Instagram likes fast delivery. You can also try to grow your account organically. Ultimately, a mixture of the two options is usually the best path forward.

Is Instagram Still Popular?

This might seem like a silly question but as there are ever more social media platforms that pop up each year, it is important to consider. It’s also wise to know who is using Instagram and for what purposes.

There are over 1.2 billion Instagram users around the world, which is pretty impressive and makes it the fourth-largest social media platform.

An even more important statistic for businesses that use Instagram is that over 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34. This age category is especially lucrative as younger people have disposable income. They are also more likely to share what they like on Instagram, which means a free or inexpensive way to advertise.

Why Are Instagram Likes Important?

There are plenty of metrics you should be aware of with your Instagram posts. If you are starting out and wondering about the best ways to gain popularity, take some time going through Instagram’s metrics.

However, if you are short on time or find the numbers confusing, there is one metric that is easy to understand: The number of likes. Above all else, this little tally can help you understand how well your account is doing and if what you are posting is working.

Demonstrates What Is Popular With Other Instagram Users

One key tip for Instagram users is to post consistently. However, just because you post five times a day does not mean that people will find value in your content.

To understand if people actually enjoy your posts, take a quick look at the likes count. This will tell you in real time just how beneficial or interesting your posts are.

Beyond this basic number, you can tell when your Instagram followers are the most active. If posts consistently get multiple likes in the morning, then this is when you should be posting the most.

Smaller Instagram accounts shouldn’t post too often as your followers will be inundated with content, which can be annoying.

However, if you have a larger following count, you can post the same Instagram post twice a day. Then, you can see which post garners the most posts, which will tell you when is the best time for your followers.

Encourages Other Instagram Followers to Like Posts

We are all prone to peer pressure, even online. This means that if you are scrolling through Instagram photos and see that one has a lot of likes, you are more likely to stop and look at it, too. The same goes when you post videos or links to articles.

The more likes your Instagram post has, the more people will stop to like it, as well. It’s a bit cyclical, which can be frustrating, but we’ll touch on how to get more initial likes in the next section.

Triggers the Instagram Algorithm

The goal of any popular Instagram account is to attract new followers. This will be helped greatly if you can get the Instagram algorithm to work with you.

When a post attracts a lot of attention, the Instagram algorithm takes notice. Then, it starts to show that post to other people who are not your followers. Thus, you can reach a whole new audience if you have a post that has a lot of likes.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Now that we’ve established how useful Instagram is, it’s time to focus on getting more Instagram likes when you post pictures and other content. There is no shortage of options to produce this result, so it’s wise to try a few of them depending on how they fit into your schedule and your budget.

Buy Likes on Instagram

By far, the easiest way to get more Instagram likes is simply to purchase them. Yes, this may feel like cheating a bit but it is perfectly legal, as long as you stick to a few basics.

First, the site you use to buy likes from should be reputable. If you come across a company that asks for personal information, such as your Instagram password, this is a scam.

While you do need to provide a link to the Instagram post you want more likes on, you do not need to share any passwords or personal information.

Secondly, buying likes in Instagram needs to comply with Instagram’s standards and practices. Under no circumstances can you buy likes from a fake account of a bot. Instagram, and its parent company, Meta, is quick to crack down on this behavior and you can have your account suspended.

Finally, see what pricing options are available. A company like SocialsGrow offers bundle pricing so you can actually pay less per Instagram like if you buy more. There is also the option to buy followers on Instagram, as well as likes from other socials, so you can increase your online presence with just a few clicks.

Create a Succinct Instagram Bio

If you have an Instagram business, be sure to keep all your details short but accurate in your bio. This will help you find your target audience and keep things streamlined. Then, when people visit your Instagram account, they will understand exactly what you are about.

Ask for Likes on Instagram Posts

Any time you watch a YouTube video, it asks you to like and subscribe to the channel. So why not do so on Instagram? While you don’t want to do this with every post, make it a habit of posting once a month.

Ask your followers to show their support by sharing your posts or liking what they think is interesting. Sometimes you need to ask for help in order to start gaining popularity.

Focus on Instagram Engagement

Having competitions and giveaways is a fun way to increase your likes tally. Ask your followers to like the post and they will be entered into a draw for a prize. Just make sure you announce the winner so your followers know this isn’t a scam.

This is also a good time to partner with other brands. Create a bundle of gifts that your followers will enjoy and ask them to like your post and another brand’s post on Instagram. Make sure you ask them to follow both accounts as well.

Connect with Instagram Influencers

Incorporate digital marketing into your strategy by reaching out to Instagram influencers. Try to reach out to Instagram influencers to see if they want to team up with you. While you should, unfortunately, be prepared for rejection, if you keep asking, you will find a way. Remember to highlight the potential of your brand when you are starting out, especially if your follower count is not what you want it to be just yet.

Improve Your Photo Skills on Your Instagram Account

Instagram content is more than just pictures but you should still keep its essence as your focus. Always post high quality content. If you have an older phone, look at upgrading it. It’s really quite remarkable how good phone cameras are these days.

There are also tons of photo editing apps as well as Instagram filters and features to look at. Play around with the tools you have and see what happens.

A new style of photo may result in more visibility and lead to more Instagram engagement, which will translate to more likes.

It’s easy to look at the finished product on other users’ posts and think it looks beautiful. But behind the scenes, those accounts have taken advantage of all the tools on offer.

Emphasize User Generated Content

When you post something on your Instagram app, what else can you include? Photo captions are an easy way to tell your opinion about a topic and to ask other people what they think.

A simple question, such as what you did on the weekend or what TV series you are currently obsessed with creates more engagement. Again, when somebody sees that a post has lots of likes and comments, they will stop their mindless scrolling and pay attention.

These comments can spark debate and meaningful conversations. If the opposite happens, exercise your right to delete harmful viewpoints. You don’t want one bad apple to spoil the whole bushel.

Be sure to engage with your Instagram followers. If hundreds of people comment on a post, it’s okay not to get to all of them but do try to follow up with the first few people who post.

This can be an incentive for people to be the first to comment. If they know that you only respond to the first five comments, then your followers will be more eager to post right away, which will help start the discussion.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Sometimes a simple tip can go a long way. When you post an Instagram photo, be sure to include a hashtag. This will help your post find your target audience as it will tell your followers the theme of your post.

Hashtags are essential if you want to attract a wider audience’s attention. Many people search Instagram for themes, categories, or trends. If you include the right hashtag, you can end up with more followers.

Use a mixture of hashtags for each post but don’t go overboard. Use a general hashtag and then one or two more specific ones. This will help you find a broader audience.


Instagram is an incredibly useful tool to promote your business or brand. It is used by billions of people, the majority of whom are young, tech-savvy, and happy to spend their money. We hope that you have benefited from our Instagram tips on getting more likes. Always remember you should be posting consistently, using high quality photos, and engaging with your audience.

To help get your Instagram accounts up and running, you can opt to buy Instagram followers and likes, as long as they are from real people. Getting more likes on Instagram can be a lot of work but there are plenty of tools available to make it easier.


June 19, 2024
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