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Do you think your contents would be effective with our audiences? Training Express is the best place to publish your work.

Guest posting can be a valuable addition to any blog or website, as it allows for the sharing of diverse perspectives and expertise. It can also be a great way to build relationships with other industry professionals and increase visibility for your own website. Training Express is excited to announce this wonderful opportunity with everyone looking for the best platform for showcasing their work.

Guest Post With Us!

At Training Express, we value businesses and bloggers who create quality content. Once the review process is complete, your content is posted on our website to provide readers with helpful information. Users can reach a larger audience on Training Express who are eager to read such fantastic content as yours. However, writers are highly recommended to write blogs that are mostly about their careers, jobs, and education. We are looking for bloggers whose writing will satisfy the audience's needs.

What We Are Looking For :

It’s quite simple.The material must be interesting and unique in order to attract the audience to read it. To increase the chances of your guest post being accepted, it's important to choose a topic that is relevant to our audience and not something that has been covered extensively on our site before. The writers must be able to comprehend the demands of the readers for the content to be appropriate. We rejoice in collaborating with bloggers who have the knowledge and ability to design blogs that satisfy our requirements and standards.

We Welcome The Bloggers To Write For Us!

We value writers who are willing to publish blogs or articles on our website.The authors must follow a set of rules when creating the article for us. Please bear the following guidelines in mind as you write content for our website. Only competent and effective writers should provide readers from all over the world with useful knowledge. This is one of the best websites for writers who wish to showcase their work to a range of people. We are here to provide a wealth of guidance and encouragement for developing a successful writing career.

What Kind Of Benefits You Can Get From Us?

The writers will gain the most from our website if their writing is read by a broader audience. Read the lines below for more details about the benefits of using our website:

- It provides you with the ability to boost your web visibility and attract a huge audience to read your blog.

- The writers will have the chance to learn from other bloggers from around the world and receive writing assistance.

Guest Post Writing Guidelines That You Need To Follow

- The writers must ensure the longevity of the website and the caliber of the articles.

- While we don't have a strict word count requirement, it's important to keep your guest post concise and focused. Avoid rambling or going off on tangents, and make sure to get to the point quickly. At least 1500-word-long articles are recommended.

- The feature image must be 800*418 in size. Use examples and pertinent images to illustrate your points. Utilise Creately to visualise data, information, workflows, concepts, and frameworks.

- Your article must be completely original and unpublished. We won't republish anything that has already been published somewhere else.

- Must avoid using irrelevant affiliate links or promoting competitors’ websites.

- To make the article easier to read, use bullet points, shorter paragraphs, and subheadings.

- Reposting the bloggers' posts or articles on any other website is not permitted.

- Avoid posting low-quality articles at any cost.

- Spam and broken links are strongly prohibited in the content.

Topics we cover

Our blog seeks to assist those looking for work, those who want to learn something new, and those who want to advance their careers.

Career Guideline, jobs, and educational tips for the following topic:

- Animal Care

- Beauty

- Business

- Business & Management

- Design

- Employability

- Finance & Accounting

- Health & Fitness

- Health & Safety

- Healthcare And Medical

We don’t cover:

- Posts that are too technical, editorial, or vague

- CBD, adult, gambling

Approval Process When You Write For Us:

- Email it to us at [email protected]

- We strongly oppose the usage of plagarised material.

- Your poorly written content may get rejected, hence, you should write well-crafted content.

- There should be more than 1500 words lengthy in the text, with any necessary subheadings.

- After it has been determined that the title is pertinent and the content adheres to the concept of our website, your posts will be approved.

- You can ask for the topics you can write about for us and send them if the title is irrelevant.

- If the photographs are not your own, sources or credits should be provided alongside them.

- If a modification or alteration is required to enhance the quality of both your content and our website, our content review team will make the appropriate modifications to the content you share.

We appreciate your interest in guest posting with us and look forward to receiving your submission.

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